Creating connections between language, medicine, faith
and the world we share


Marilyn McEntyre is a writer and professor of medical humanities at the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. She leads retreats and writing workshops.

She cares about connecting spirituality, politics, food, healthcare, care for the earth and its creatures, care for language and public discourse, and finding new ways to live together on a planet that needs healing.

Her writing has appeared in The Christian Century, Weavings, Sojourners, Prism, Conversations, Christianity Today, Academic Medicine, Medical Humanities, Literature and Medicine, and a variety of other academic and trade publications.

She earned her B.A. at Pomona College, M.A. at U.C. Davis, Ph.D. at Princeton University in Comparative Literature. She has taught at Princeton University, the College of New Jersey, Mills College, Dominican University and Westmont College and now teaches at the UCSF/UC Berkeley Joint Medical Program.

She teaches adult education courses for churches, women’s groups, retirement communities, and other community settings.

She has won several outstanding teaching awards and was recently awarded a Christianity Today 2015 book award.

She is a vegetarian, has an expanding family of wonderfully interesting adults children and stepchildren, children-in-law, and grandchildren, loves to hear her husband read aloud, walks in the woods whenever possible, wants to help heal the planet, doesn’t think we can do that without imagination, compassion, humility, and a massive paradigm shift.