What Marriage Teaches


There’s more than one way.
What “goes without saying” doesn’t.
There are no “isms” in intimacy.
Love requires imagination.
Laughter heals.
Taboos are toxic.
A hug provides more energy than a vitamin pill.
“Apologize” is an active verb.
Act I happened before you entered the play.
Freud was right.
And wrong.
Mothers matter.
Not everything can be shared.
What can be should be.
Truisms have to be tailored.
The subtext may be more important than the plot.
Mistakes turn out to be gifts if you open them up.
You learn what works by forgiving what doesn’t.
If you’re out of sync you may be learning a new dance step.
Flowers don’t fix things, but they help.
If you’re not still being surprised, you’ve fallen asleep.
It won’t be exactly what you bargained for.
Steady and exciting are not mutually exclusive.
The little things are the big things in disguise.
Love is bigger than understanding.