A Plague in Both Our Houses

A plague o’ both your houses!                                             — Mercutio, dying, in Romeo and Juliet, III, i I write this on Shakespeare’s birthday.  The festivities began with morning news reports of arguments in Congress over relief funding for states struggling to cope with coronavirus. I … Continue reading

Proclaiming the Bad News

image courtesy of pixabay.com Emma:  You’re the writer fellow who’s scared. I’m scared, too. I hear you’ve got a big mouth. Ned:    Is a big mouth a symptom? Emma:  No, a cure.                                                 — Larry Kramer, The Normal Heart … Continue reading

This Fragile Earth

(image courtesy of snappy goat.com) The pandemic is global.  The whole world is affected.  Those are big words.  It’s hard to stretch my imagination to the scope of large statistics:  25,000 miles around.  7.5 billion people.  Over 2 million cases in 180 countries and 200 territories.  It’s … Continue reading

Responsible Science

“. . . it is precisely the “objectivity,” the moral neutrality in which the sciences rejoice and attain their brilliant community of effort, that bar them from final relevance.”                                                                                     — George Steiner Reading Steiner is a slow business.  … Continue reading


You will make me full of gladness with your presence. (Acts 2:28) The English word glad comes from the Old English glaed, which means “bright, shining, gleaming,” as well as “joyous, pleasant,” and “gracious.” It’s a rich word—deceptively simple, and … Continue reading